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    Six Jewelry Trends 2018

    Six Jewelry Trends 2018
    Too often we follow the trends of clothing but ignore what is in style when it comes to jewelry. Until now. Here is what is in fashion when it comes to jewelry for 2018.

    Less is not more: Layering necklaces is one of the main trends of the runways for 2018. When styling this trend focus on jewelry that is delicate, thin and subtle. Make sure to wear different lengths and know that the longer the necklaces are the better choices. Chokers were so 2017.

    Transparent Jewelry: Crystal clear jewelry that is made from plastic or glass gives any outfit a modern and chic vibe. When wearing this style of jewelry make sure that the pieces are big and bold. Pair the pieces with an outfit that is dramatic with vibrant colors or designs.

    Fruit: Food meets fashion with this jewelry trend. Major designers including Dolce and Gabbana, Prada and Balenciaga have completed the look of their outfits with pieces that are shaped like fruits and vegetables. By using this style of jewelry to accessorize will make you not only stylish but an advocate of healthy eating!

    Show Your Wild Side: Pendants that are shaped like animals will make you look like the cats meow. Make sure that you don’t just stick to necklaces when wearing this fashion accessory. Broches can also be a fun way to wear animal shaped jewelry.

    Mix Things Up: Paring two different earrings is super popular on all the catwalks this year. When choosing what earrings to pair with each other make sure that both earrings are big, colorful and unique.

    1. Pearls: Wanting to keep up with the trends of the season while still having a timeless and classic style? Then pearls are the perfect accessory for you. Pearls are seen in the fashion shows of such icons as Valentino and Céline.

    Statement Jewelry

    How to Define Your Outfit With Statement Jewelry
    When eating dinner, we all look forward to the dessert. Obviously, we don’t have to have something sweet right after our meal, but somehow it completes the dining experience. Similarly, statement jewelry is akin to dessert in this way. An outfit doesn’t necessarily need to have jewelry, but however it adds a great finishing touch to anyone's style.

    Here are 4 tips when it comes to accessorizing with statement jewelry

    Enhance Simplicity: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Onassis are the definition of classic fashion icons. But what do these three icons have in common? Their style was uncomplicated. The details was never in their clothing but instead was in their accessories. Thus, statement jewelry should be used to complement an outfit that is simple and classic. If the clothing you are wearing is too bold and loud it can make your jewelry pieces appear gaudy and distasteful.

    Mix and Match: Statement jewelry is supposed to be fun and bring life to your style. With this in mind be playful with your jewelry. Mix stones, metals and lengths. But don’t forget that sometimes less is more. It can be easy to overdo it when it comes to layering jewelry.

    Don’t Just Focus On Necklaces: When people think of statement jewelry often times they only picture necklaces. This notion limits one’s jewelry collection as well as how one accessorizes her wardrobe. When creating a jewelry collection focus on all types of jewelry. Don’t forget that oversized watches, large hoop earrings and big rings are all in style right now and will truly add a unique look to your style.

    The Wedding Day Jewelry

    When a woman plans out her wedding day a bridal dress is one of the main priorities. But too often brides forget about the importance of accessorizing their wedding dress. Here at Justnes Jewels we want to help take the stress out of planning for your big day by giving you tips and trends when it comes to adding jewelry to your bridal wear.

    Consider The Neckline of Your Dress
    A necklace should only be worn when one is wearing a strapless dress, especially if it is a sweetheart neckline. When choosing a necklace make sure that it sits closer to your neck, which will be around 16 inches long. If the bridal dress has sleeves we recommended that the bride not wear a necklace. Instead the dress should be accessorized with earrings and bracelets instead.

    Match Your Accessories
    It is a must to match all metals. Often times brides will accessorize their jewellery based on their dress but will tend to forget to match their jewelry to their wedding ring. Thus, if you have a yellow gold wedding ring find accessories that are made of or have the same color as the metal.

    Take into Consideration the Material of Your Dress
    There is a fine line between gaudy and classic when it comes to accessorizing for one’s big day. When a dress is beaded or is very “blingy” it is important to go minimalist when it comes to picking out jewelry. Often times when one has a very elaborate dress it is best to wear simple studded earrings.

    Wear Heirloom Pieces
    Mixing generational pieces with newer jewelry creates a more classic look with a modern approach. It also makes for more meaningful accessories.

    Fake It ‘Til You Make It
    Buying jewelry that is not made of precious metals or gemstones is completely fine. Wear jewelry that looks authentic and no one will know question if it real or not. Weddings cost enough as it is. No need to break the budget on accessories.

    Stacking Jewelry: The Best Ways to Try the Trend

    Stacking Jewelry: The Best Ways to Try the Trend


    Accessories, like rings, bracelets, and necklaces, have been around for a long time, so it makes sense that each year people discover or try new ways of wearing or designing them. While the old saying, “There’s nothing new under the sun,” always rings true when it comes to fashion, trying something new for the first time can be fun. And it’s a great way to update your wardrobe.


    For the past few seasons, stacking jewelry has been the hot new trend, especially for women’s accessories. Unlike the minimal, understated look, stacked jewelry creates a statement, one that is bold and unafraid, just like women today.


    Below are three great ways to try stacking jewelry:


    1. Stacked Rings. Whether on one finger or multiple fingers, stacked rings are a great way to add a little bohemian to your look, and without ever looking too over the top. Unlike other stacked accessories, which can seem overwhelming at times, stacked rings are appropriate for nearly every situation.


    1. Stacked Necklaces. This look works especially well when you stack different sizes and lengths, creating an artistic look that works on bare skin and over shirts. You can keep this look understated by using necklaces with thinner chains and small pendants, or your can go bold by wearing chunky necklaces with bright gems and beads. Try this look for a night out or on a date!


    1. Stacked Bracelets. The most common way to try the stacked jewelry trend, layering your bracelets, especially bangles, immediately updates your look and makes you feel confident. If you’re not ready to go all in, try layering thinner matching bracelets, which is a great option for professional settings like in the office.


    Stacked jewelry is a great way to use old accessories or to inspire you to buy new ones. It’s an easy, risk-free way to try something fun!

    The Timeless Tradition of Watches

    Watches have, for centuries, been given as gifts, a right of passage and a treasure to mark an important moment in time. While the styles of watches available today are vast, the meaning behind them hasn’t changed. For most cultures, the act of giving a watch is symbolic, a way to represent important memories or a promise to be with someone for all time.


    While some Asian cultures consider watch giving bad luck, a symbol that you are running out of time, most cultures recognize watches as a dedication to the time we have.


    Looked at every single day, watches are a great, often irreplaceable way, to give someone you love an opportunity to think of you regularly.


    According to most traditions, when a man gives a woman a watch it represents his commitment to always be with her, every minute of every day. Others see this gift as a way for a man to give a woman time, in the sense of longevity and health. When a woman gives a man a watch, it’s often considered a sign of love, support, and affection, an offering for her to be at his side, always.


    Giving a watch as a gift to a friend is a great way to commemorate the dedication of a long friendship and the time you two have spent together. It’s a reminder that you are always at their side, offering guidance and a shoulder to lean on when you need it. When an adult gives a watch to a child, often for a birthday or holiday present or as a special gift for graduations, it’s thought to be a piece of advice and wisdom, a way for the adult to remind the child to treasure each second of their life.


    Time, no matter how you look at it, is a gift. When you give a watch to someone you love, you are giving them a constant reminder that you are always at their side.